November 28, 2012

Summer Love.

Here, to make a quick post. Just wanna to tell you vas happenin to me this month. Bajet retis lah kau Hana. December, busy month ever. Lol, not busy much. Extra class Addmath and Math for two weeks. Then straight fly to Kualala Lumpur. Might be a week or two week there. Then, 26th registration day for school. Lastly, 5 days more to 2013. Welcome to SPM war. 2014 freedom will be mine. Excuse me while i sweep my tears. :') Work, gain money. Straight to One Direction. Thats my dream. Okay, Bye. xoxo

November 11, 2012


I lied because i don't want you to know how much it hurt me. I didn't have any of courage to tell you. It is because i love you. I love you. I don't want because of it, you may hurt. Hurt like i'm hurting now.  Fuck it. Why i'm doing this dumbfuck thing. Gah my life lifeless. ZERO. Why being so emotional? -__- HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAH Idk what happened to me. I'M JUST NOT MYSELF. I really want to be alone. Seriously, i need to be ALONE. I need to stay away from you. 

Tadi hangout with Aina, Syaz, Nad, and Pakdan kat Landmark Kulim. Tengok cerita Paranormal Activity 4. There's a lot of fuckingdamnshock scene in that movie. -____- Pakdan sampai teriak la. Cerita tu tak takut sangat. It just banyak sangat terkejut. Dan tak faham -__- Aina cakap, kalau tengok dari Paranormal activity 1 faham la. Patutla. Aku tengok yang ke-empat terus. Memanglah faham. Popcorn aku sampai tak luak langsung. Banyak tu beli, banyak tu bawa balik. Then pi kacau Aiman jual cadar. Weh kerja sana sangat best ya. 26hari kerja dah dapat seribu lebih. Nak kerja. Nak kerja. Nak kerja T_T Dah la tahun depan tak boleh kerja. PLKN bodo :( 6 bulan. Mati kering aku dalam kem. bye. xoxo

November 7, 2012


I just want to disappear. Yes, disappear without the others knowing. Without anyone would remembering. Without anyone who trying to finding me. Without left any problem to others. Without make others felt difficult. Most importance, Without anyone would crying. :')
bye.  xoxo