December 2, 2015

♥ Kelebihan loner person.

First of all, clear your mind off from loner person is a loser. Hey they got a way lot more benefits than being you. lol Just kidding. so yeah here we go. 

No need friend to survive. Ok yes this one is the best thing about being loner. They can travel alone, walk alone, do things alone with no problem at all. Bc yes, look at someone else, your friend maybe? or maybe yourself? Do you need someone to accompany you to see someone, lectures maybe? teachers? or something that you have to knock on the door and say Assalamualaikum or good morning, is Mrs Minah here? Ah aku confirm semua orang pernah lalui semua ni. Tambah tambah bila time sekolah, nak nak time nak jumpa cikgu dalam bilik guru. "Eh kau ketuk la" "eh kau la" "kau la" "ok ok aku ketuk, kau cakap" am i right? Nah being a loner can solve this problem seriously, they like have no heart and just do what they want to do without being hesitate. 

People said they are sad, but act they're not. 
Okay this one. How to explain?  Orang ramai mesti like, weh sedihnya hidup dia, jalan sorg sorg, makan sorg sorg, study sorg sorg. Weh like seriously, loner person really doesnt need anybody by their side. It is because, they cant stand in crowd. Even if in a small group that have 7 or 8 people. They can handle it okay but actually they can be really uncomfortable or really sad about it. They're more way a lot happier than you ever think if they're being alone. 

No need person to cheer her/him up if sad. 
Yeap,  this is the best. They really doesnt need anybody. They can cheer their self up on their on. Trust me. If you have a loner friend, and hes/shes being sad, don try to cheer they up. If a loner person is sad, i think its way more worst than a normal person sad. Bc they rarely being sad. Just give them time, maybe a night or the longest, a day maybe? they can be as they are back. They just need their own time. Isnt it miracle? lol

You're very special if having a loner person as friend.
Okay this one, you're really really really super special if having a loner person as friend. Bc they very hard to trust people. Very very very picky on trusting people. Sometime, they can make people happy by hanging out with them. They can make people feel special bc they choose them to being hang out with. lol

They're not expecting much.
I dont know how to explain this one. If they're loner, they will expect thing less. They will not put their hopes high on people. So that they cant be broke. Good for them and good for others. and yes, one more benefit for being a loner person friend. kehkeh. They'll never feel offended if you choose others than them. They will secretly relieve if you're not choosing them. lol

They're less or maybe doesnt have dramas.
Yup. Dorg like tak payah nak pening pening tau tak. Sebab hey they're in very very small circle of people, what dramas do they had to face and create? Lagipun dorg ntah ambil kisah ke tak pasal that small circle. They just being in their own freaking world. 

Ok this one is the best part. People always wonder what you're doing when alone. How can you survive? how can you be happy? Kehkeh People will always wonder that. Yeah if the loner is a guy, and handsome pulak kan, confirm confirm ramai peminat. Serius. Hahaha.

Last but not least, they know theres a difference between being lonely and being alone. and i think loner person is a very independent person. They doesnt need people to support them. Wow. Im actually very impressed with them. Haha this is just my opinion based on my research. lol research la sangat kan. Kehkeh. Ha ade tak ciri ciri loner person dalam diri korang tu? Aku rasa everybody is like this now. They prefer sitting in the room alone rather than being socialize. Aku pun macam tu, aku rasa? Tapi i think everything have their own pro and cons. Ade jugak kelemahan bila jadi loner ni. Kehkeh. Nanti aku update kelemahan pulak ye? adios.


  1. ahahhahaha iimmm such a loner now so yay for me then! <3

    1. Hahaha yay! Ada geng :p Im alone and im happy!!! lol

  2. yeah honestly im a loner person. sometimes i feel people just messed me up.

  3. Tetiba rasa macam.. adakah saya seorang loner T_T hahaha.

  4. you're not really a're just an introvert....

    1. am i? kehkeh i know there's different between them, and what im explain up there is for a loner. Not an introvert. hehe ^^

  5. Replies
    1. Kalau kejap loner, kejap tak. Maknanya introvert. hehehe ^^

  6. jadi loner person best, tak ada orang nak semak dengan hidup kita. and we live happily ever after.. ecewahh hahaa


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