December 31, 2012

Last update for 2012.

Heartache doesn't last forever. Yeah :')
Harini 31 December 2012. Last day for 2012. 366 chapter have been finished and i'm still nothing. No improvement, no anything. Ugh why my laife. Next year, SPM candidate. If i'm doin' nothing exactly like what i'm doin' on 2012, idk what will happen. Ha ha. Cakap dalam ni je buat apa Hana woi. Aku tak cakap laaah, aku type. DUH! why i'm talking to myself. My laife.......... -__-

First i need to change my about my online thingy.
I've make decision to not open my twitter acc for a year! 01 Jan till 17 Dec. Idk why i'm choosing 17Dec. I don't even know when will i'll be release from jail *SPM. Let it be. But i think i might online on the boys birthday and others important date. Lol, i still can't get rid of this addicted thing. Idk what to do on Facebook. Online like always or DEACTIVE? No, don't do that. Its too over i guess. Hahahaha. 

Second... err... what else to change? 
JUST DO WHAT THE *PROPER SPM CANDIDATE* DO. Yeah thats what i need to do. And about this blog. I'll update when i'm online for the boys birthday. Which is 12 Jan, 01 Feb, 29 Aug, 13 Sept and 24 Dec. 24 Dec? I'm already FREEEEEEEEEE that time. Ughh, i'll fuckingly miss the boys. :( Why i'm doing thissssssssssssssssssssss. 

If all of above doesn't happen in the future, i'll surely laughing my fucking ass off on this post and delete it. Bwahahahahahahahahhahaha. Okay no. I'll make sure it will happen. Happen smoothly. Oh i really can't wait for 2014. Seriously. Wish me luck for being a proper SPM candidate guys. Bye. xoxo

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