February 3, 2013

What I want??!!

Okay, rasa malu dengan diri sangat sangat. Seriously. Im not a good Allah's slave. Im not a good daughter. Im not good friend. Im not a good student. Im not a good person ever. Feeling uncomfortable right know. :( idk why.
I think I should take a long rest ever. But, in this time it may not happen. Its hard to take a long rest when you still have a family to take care of. A friend that you need to care on their feelingS. A responsibility to hold tight. Sometime, I think being alone is the best shit ever. Didn't have to care about others. I wish I have a pills that make me have no feelings at all. Im tired being such a fuck, care about what people think, what people talk, what people judge. Why im so down tonight? Why? Why I feel like im always make people sad, make people felt disheartened with me. Look, I just think about what people feels...again. I think Im just over thinking. Ugh. But, what if they really do that? WHAT IF? ah my emotion. Ahh, pms make me felt myself more bloodyshit.ah, esok sekolah. Hana, lagi setahun Hana. Sabar. I think I should die without anyone would care. I just want fucking out from this life. Its miserable. Seriously.

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