May 3, 2013

Grenade in my head.

So.. Hi everybody ^(OO)^
This monday, exam. Oh God why. Why need exam? Feeling like i just finished last exam yesterday and now another exam is COMING? wtf. and im still sitting infront of this freakin computer, fangirling toward 1D, scrolling twitter's timeline up and down, stare this screen without make any movement, exploring tumblr, and do nothing? It is necessary for me to still online? Blergh why me. Idk why i have too much allergic toward books. -_- 

Haih, my last update about i wanna change my schedule and my life for SPM is completely rubbish. Freaking rubbish. I can't control myself. If im not online, im with phone. If im bored, i'll disturb everyone's life. When i feel i "doesnt" have work to do, i SLEEP. DEY HANA, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IN FUTURE HUH? 

Haha INSANE. I think i should do my first touch on book now. Seriously or i'll suffer for more failed. Wish me luck for being in this war. You can do it Hana, you can make it Hana. You can achieve more As in this exam Hana. You can make new phone in your hand Hana. lol? Haha my mom promise me a phone if 6A is in my result paper. Haha parah je kan dengar? t_t Let it be. You can dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it Hana. Yeay me motivate myself. OMG, how good am I. I can be counseling teacher in my school replace that shining head one. Eh? Nak exam Hana, jangan kutuk cikgu la :(

Berapa kali dah merapu dalam blog cakap nak berubah. Tapi haram tak jadi apa. Makin teruk ada ah. Weh tak makin teruk k. Okay ah dari Form four kan. Form four lagi main main. Main sampai tak boleh nak buat apa dah. Time main pun aku main main. Haaaaaaaaaa, macam mana tu? 

Dah ah bye :( Im going to cuddle with the books now. :( Computer, please help me. :( Don't be jealous. :( Okay? :( Love you. :( Bye, xoxo. 


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