July 10, 2013

Happy Ramadhan!


Thanks to Allah for this opportunity to meet Ramadhan again this year :') May Allah give us patience and peace in this holy month. May Allah accept our Doa. May Allah bless us in every second of our breath in this beautiful month. May this month can help us turn to be better person.  Amin. Take this chance to be more closer to our creator, Allah and gain more pahala to reach our biggest dream soon, Heaven. InsyaAllah :) Happy fasting! 

So... Hi long time no see. Quite busy with life. Update this thinggy just to wish you guys about Ramadhan and to tell you guys that i'm still alive! Haha and one more thing, i am now can control my-freakin-self to not to waste my precious time on online thing like blogging twittering fangirling and so on. Yeay me. I've unlock one padlock that block me to achieving my own success. Bhahaha okay.  SPM is just around the corner. Please wish me luck guys. Seriously i don't freaking have any of confidence to face this. I don't even want to face this. HELLO... im just 17 to face this big exam that can effect my future. Im only 17 okay. Please do pray for me. Cis bukan ada sapa baca pun blog kau Hana, bajet je. Bye, xoxo. 

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