March 19, 2014

Fix you or fix me? Why not both?

Hey guys. Update time. 

Its 4:27 AM in the morning. Can't sleep. Seriously think i had insomnia disease tahap kritikal. Tomorrow. 20 March 2014. Result Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia akan di-release-kan. Aku nervous. Tak tipu. Walaupun aku cakap aku dah tak kisah what will aku dapat. But when its come about my family, think about my family, HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA damnit hati aku pecah berkecai-kecai, even gam gajah ke gam kasut ke gam uhu ke mmg tak boleh nak glued it back. Yes, i had a late night conversation with my BFFs yesterday. I love them. Forever. And yup. I know my mistake. Being too "nice". But i cant fix it. I dont have any option anymore. Im just gonna flow with it till the end. 

Im sorry. Bye, xoxo 

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  1. same goes to me. cakap tak kisah pasal result tho. padahaaaal. hahaha.


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