October 5, 2014

The end.

Hey guys, update time.

So, been more than a month i didnt sentuh this blog. 

Sebab apa? 
sebab banyak lagi benda lain kena buat.
sebab malas. 
sebab takde hati nak tulis blog. 
sebab final exam.

Sorry semester one. I've destroyed you. lol

My carry mark hampes.
My final exam going down to my feet. 
and my pointer soon will be straight to the hell.
the end.

"susah nanti nak cover balik kalau dah semester satu down" my dad said.

idk what to say anymore. its freeze. 
ada rasa macam a little bit putus asa. 
tapi still ada sikit perasaan untuk nak success. 
ergh they arent word for what i feel. -.-

So, im not being transferred to Tapah.

I'll stay here, in Arau til the end of this diploma.
Goodbye new friend. Hello to new friend "again"

so.. nothing to say anymore. 

Happy Eid-ul adha guys.
Berhenti makan sebelum kenyang ye.

bye, xoxo 

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