August 4, 2015

when life give you rotten lemon. lol

Too many draft. And yet im posting this puked rainbow unicorn. Yeah its okay to be different. That is what people seek for right? *sigh*

Hello bloggers. long time no see? its been a year right? Ha ha. Im totally a loser being here in University. Hahahahaha I hate my life here. Wait? what? Life? I dont even have life here? What is life? WHAT? Ha ha. Im just a little piece of shit beside the road that people being avoid. lol my perumpamaan. I should take sastera yeah? Go die with this science course. ._. I dont hate science, i just hate science. eh? what? Hehe. Bye. 

oh btw, to new student. you should really study hard from first semester or you will end up being a beautiful unicorn like me. *flips rainbow hair* ERGH why things always goes bad again and again? To make me realize that life aint heaven all the time. and to make me strong enough to face the future that i think will be more shit than now. hehe monologue is the best way to heal urself gais. you should try. because not everybody have their ear for you. right? keep on going, smile more. ;)

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  1. Hi Hana, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email in your blog so I am leaving a comment to u instead. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)


No harsh word. Thank you! x