February 13, 2019


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12 February 2019,
selamat ulang tahun awak.

I saw your stories, her stories on instagram.
You had a great birthday. She treats you damn well. 
Tbh, im jealous. That should be me? idk, didnt move on yet? Yes i am.
I do not know what i should do about this. Did i still love you? Or just i cant forgive you yet?

You bring her to see your mom.
You didnt do that with me. Im jealous? Yes i am. 

You buy her things.
You didnt buy anything for me? Im jealous? Yes i am.

You show her off, you proud of her, you praised her in public.
You didnt do that for me? Im jealous? Yes i am.

I didnt really know what did you feel about me when we were together. I didnt know what that 5 years means for you. I just dont know. You left me with thousand thoughts. Just like that.

You make me constantly wonder, did im not enough? where did it go wrong? what did that i lack of? should i do better? what should i do? my effort didnt enough? did i didnt meet your expectation? what you want? what means by your "iloveyou" every single night and morning? How can your heart change drastically? How about all the promises we made? you made towards me?

but i've read this somewhere. They say, bila lelaki betul betul sayang, dia tahu apa dia perlu buat. Dia tahu apa dia patut buat untuk orang yang dia sayang. Takperlu ajar pun, sebab lelaki takbodoh. Jangan pelik if you've been couple for years, but as soon as you guys break, dia terus kahwin/tunang. and one more, paling senang nak tengok, bila he's with you he never buy you things. But when with the new one, dia beli macam macam, dia buat macam macam untuk perempuan tu. Boleh faham kan? dah boleh sedar diri kot? :)

Yeah i know, you're my past. But, sigh.. no matter how many times does my mind say "it is what it is" but still, deep down my heart wishes shit was different.

You, happy birthday. Little did you know, i still love you. always love you. But if happy is her, im happy for you.

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